-Study Table & Book Shelves
Does your child place his/her school materials everywhere? Books in the living room, erasers on the dining table… This is why a study table is essential. Our book shelves are the perfect storage for your child’s school materials! Now, he/she can concentrate on studying without any distractions on our customized study table.
-Build-In Swing or Sliding Wardrobe
Build-In wardrobes can be tailored to your room and lifestyle. It is a simple way to boost your bedroom storage. They instantly create more space and can be customized to fulfil your requirements! Too much clothes will no longer be an issue!
-Build-In Pole System Wardrobe
Our Pole System wardrobe is highly customizable, not only that, it can be dismantled and built again in another place! Reusable, affordable, fashionable and customizable! 
Pole system is a very flexible furniture structure. It can be made as a stylish wardrobe, a walk-in closet, a book shelf that can hold as heavy as 20kg and a study/office area (table + shelves & etc.)
-Dressing Table, Drawer & Mirror Frame
Struggling to find a suitable dresser table? Worry not; we have everything you want! Our extensive range of exclusive custom made dressing tables come in a range of styles, sizes and finishes to suit your taste and décor.
-Bed Head & Bedstead
Expertly made in our own factory, we ensure the quality for your comfort. Our customized bed head & bedstead comes in any size for your bed to fit in perfectly. Not only will it be comfortable, our design team will also make sure it brings a splash of style into your room. We also offer build-in storage compartments underneath the bed which are very popular with our customers!

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